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Walking your path

Do you experience anxiety, stress, fear or anger and you're asking yourself there must be more to life than this?

You don't have to walk this path alone!

Join our new Spiritual program for a deep connection to truly understanding your mental health. Let me be your guide to a peaceful and harmonious life.

  • Comprehensive support

  • Create new foundations

  • Breaking behavioural patterns

  • Learning key techniques

  • Introduction to Energy

  • Relationships with nature

  • Ancestral DNA and your life's purpose

  • Accountability and responsibility

And much more tailored to your journey!



Learning why this is a fear-based

reality that doesn't recognise

you as an individual.


Everyone's journey is unique,

allow yourself the honour of seeing yourself for the first time.

Hi, I'm Daniel Mirfield

Author, Healer & Mentor

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A Sage's Journey is devoted to assisting you in uncovering your authentic essence and equipping you with the tools to lead a spiritually enriched life. At the helm of this transformative endeavour is me, Daniel, a healer, mentor and visionary author of the enlightening book 'Seedling - The Journey to Inner Peace'.

Through A Sage's Journey, you can access personal Life Mentoring Sessions thoughtfully tailored to guide you along your path of self-discovery and growth.


I invite you to embark on a journey of personal evolution with me and embrace the transformative power of spiritual living together.

Available Now


Helping You Find Your True Self & Inner Peace of Mind
by Daniel Mirfield

Ancient wisdom and guidance for modern times.

There is no doubt we are living through turbulent and challenging times. One of the best ways to navigate them is by listening to your intuition, staying grounded, being aligned and centred whilst reacting to your environment from a place of love not fear. This book will guide you through this process and will help you connect with your true, authentic self to create what we all long for and need, the peace that comes from within. Daniel's sage teachings will assist you in connecting to nature and your own true nature will be able to shine forth. Take your time in reading this book, allow it to be a soothing balm, breathe deeply, relax and most of all know you are not alone on this journey.

How to purchase a copy of Seedling 

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Through A Sage's Journey's YouTube and Instagram platforms, Daniel assures to be your trusted guide by sharing wisdom and connecting with other Sages for moments of inspiration and support.

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Freshly-penned Blog Entries

Whether you seek inspiration, profound musings, or simply a moment of escape, this blog promises to be your sanctuary of soulful exploration. Do you have a topic you'd like to read about? Let me know  >

Our biggest fear is the person we have become,
a soul disconnected from its embodiment with no identity.

Daniel Mirfield has written this fascinating book to help readers cope with the difficulties of modern life. It soon becomes an essential guide to improve our lifestyle, connect with nature and our inner self, and be happier. The author provides some guidelines and practices to help the reader on their journey of self-discovery, evolution, change and enlightenment. He talks about behaviour and mode of living at a personal level and at the level of society. I really liked this book. I found it easy to follow and understand and inspirational. It is written with a narrative in which personal experience predominates and this makes it simple to empathise with the feelings transmitted in it. I highly recommend it.

Celeste S Amazon Review


Daniel Mirfield's new book 'Seedling' help's us connect to our authentic selves and guide us towards the peace that comes from within. Reading it is inspiring, grounding and healing. We can all use a lot of that right about now.

Cristina Mullins

New Earth Publishing

Whenever I feel lost, I enjoy the pleasure of reading a good book that inspires me. Without a doubt "Seedling" is a thought-provoking book that helped me cope with tough situations or some of my uncertainties. Daniel Mirfield has penned an inspiring and complete book.
Along these pages, the author teaches ways of connecting our inner parts with the body and nature. It shows some breathing techniques that help to lessen negative emotions such as anxiety, fear or anger. I liked it very much because it showed me the importance of taking a positive and relaxed view of life.
It's a concise, well-explained guide with a bunch of wisdom. The writer's ideas are simple to read and to follow. All in all, this is an excellent guide highly recommended.

Carlitas - Amazon Review

About Daniel
Dan with Harry the Dog

About Daniel Mirfield

Daniel has been aligned with animals and trees and attuned with the healing power of nature ever since he was a young boy. Growing up in country England allowed him the time and freedom to play and explore the world around him in great detail. He currently resides in NZ after living in Australia for many years, always being drawn back to a natural setting after some city life. It is in nature where Daniel's natural healing abilities shine. It's his connection to his faithful dog companion, Harry, where his empathy builds. Combining a family history of ancestors connected to spirit with his own personal journey has resulted in a man who is wise beyond his years. A healer, a channeler, a connector to nature, Daniel is a sage for modern times. He is currently writing his first book to help a confused world learn to find their true authentic self and align to nature, even if you live in a big city like most of us do. He will help us heal and recover from stress. His first book will be a blessing to help us all find the peace that comes from within.

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