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New World, New Era

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Our current heart beat is overshadowed by a controlling factor that has swept over the planet for many thousands of years. The period of time that we are now entering is a critical step to how we enter the next life. This particular time and era holds enormous amounts of privilege to witness how the solar system resets and enters the next era. A highly intensified period of time that depends on our mental strength and how it harmonises to your mind, body and soul. The understanding of this divine relationship that has been restricted by fear and controlling energies, highlighting how it has compromised the ability to identity the true purpose of our life and evolutionary pathway for all the souls that follow. This period in time is a privileged step to how the evolution of the planet rebalances. It will highlight a concentrated energetically karmic period of avoidance with past experiences of your mental traumas and emotionally charged states. A karmic period that's called time, on lessons that have been avoided or learnt and ignored. The next few decades are a blessing, even though the world is overshadowed by pain and fear, there are many blessings on the horizon if you're willing to search inwards to shine your light outwards.

The place of avoidance isn't just with those that have stayed locked up within the confines of a restricted reality, it has the potential to spread through all those that embraced the spiritual journey. A spiritual ego where it goes from one extreme to the next. Overall the spiritual community can be one of the most hostile and judgemental periods of reality that is present on the forefront of one's mindset. A place that can force awakenings and the realisation of the world around you, while seeing how others are behaving, interacting, controlling, even reflections of guilt and regret that covers personal behavioural patterns and decision making. A system that sets you up to fail, targeting your weaknesses and vulnerable state as it pushes you into situations and positions that are unnatural to the balancing principles of the planet.

The transitions of awakenings can direct you from being locked up in a chamber to the freedom and actions that are ready to run to the hills and escape those shackles, a place far away from that painful reality. A reality I know extreme well, when your identity has been removed to suit the workings of a system that doesn't require you to have feelings, but to charge your emotional states. A uncontrollable reality that leads to addictions and numbing your existence. When you've had this insight to your surroundings your reaction is to look at instant changes, almost a knee jerk reaction that floods the mind, but we have to remember with spiritual healing it's a slow and steady process as awakenings can be draining and deplete your energy. The growth of realisation involves the constant realigning, repositioning and reevaluating your stance of all internal and external growth. Healing comes with all sorts of restrictive barriers, and this is one of many stages where a soul's journey can attract traits of becoming judgemental and taking opinions personally. The steps of healing can create an internal struggle of default patterning behaviours of a new insight to a certain reality. Every person who enters this highly volatile state of awareness is entitled to feel betrayed, angry, upset and so on. They have just realised that their whole life has been controlled and manipulated. A system that preys on the weak and disempowers any ability to identity the peace that comes from within.

We now have this atmosphere that knows old images and sees new images, a logical program that dictates if one is wrong, the other must be right. However this transitional stage is always flooded with ideologies and teachings that dominate their mindset, unknown to a troubled mind that it's part of the healing process as they always will be repositioning and realigning their vibrational connection within their embodiment. What might have been relevant a few months ago, may not align to their spiritual enlightenment this week, a guided journey that is trying to lead them closer to the purer path. A foresight that they may have to change their stance and paths many times, all depending on the restrictive barriers that they place upon themselves. A mental blockage that only they know the depths in which it circulates around their mind. Creating this internal war, knowing they need change and roughly the direction they want to go, while potentially being overshadowed by the imprinted patterning and ideologies of those who have influenced different aspects of their life, setting the scene for this conflictual attitude that is triggered by the inability to take the longest way around for the shortest way home. Memories that they're trying to remove and forget about but only end up fighting against themselves, ready to imprint onto the next generation when they're triggered.

A place of avoidance, an enlighten path that in turn creates a new atmosphere of avoiding our embodiment. Still burdened by the past, unable to identity painful events at the source, it is easier to be guided away with the collective frequencies of the planet than work on their mental health. We ignore healing because we are never taught how to understand the workings of the mind and its embodiment. I am guilty of attaching my energy to this spiritual trajectory in order to ignore what painful past traumas I experienced. I knew early on in life that I had gifts and saw the world differently to most, but because I had access to a different vision of life, I was also able to place myself in a position of avoidance. Spiritual awakenings or individuals on spiritual paths are just as guilty, or if anything guiltier of avoiding and neglecting their mental health, than those who are unaware. This did include me, I avoided life as the world we live in has no space for individual identities. Our memories are here to stay, they are part of us, it's about learning the lessons and knowing the wisdom to help others that cross our paths along the way. Any type of avoidance is a life not lived, and for most, they will spend their whole lives avoiding who they are.

I have had a lot of visions recently and sometimes it's hard to decipher the message for the collective, but I do know that it is not about actively avoiding the blessing of life in the physical form. The healing of our mental health plays a critical part in our future, a place where everyone will have to start being honest with what they are choosing to ignore and why. Our spiritual gifts in the new era will be directly linked to the state of our minds (remember that we have two minds (heart and brain)). This is one of the reasons why I wrote my book, you have to respect a certain relationship with your mental health for it to really enlighten your path. We are here on this planet to experience life in the physical form. Our spiritual, visionary, multi-dimensional, timeless gifts are natural to our soul but within this life, it starts with embracing our physical embodiment of purification, and for most, healing the past sets the foundations for future generations. A simple concept is, if you don't respect and start to understand past traumas, it can soon become the burden of future generations with the transfer of energy, no matter how in tune you believe you are with nature and the planet. The Achilles heel is the avoidance of our mental health.

When an awakened soul is opinionated and direct in their conclusion, it is not what you can say or do, but the space you hold. The answers they seek are already inside of them and the value of an unconditional space does not project problems but opens a window of self awareness and care, a space where they can align themselves to a natural digestion of harmonic frequencies. An internal place where they have a chance to reflect on past traumas that control their reality.

Until next time.


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