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Our origins

Recently I've had a vision that is different in nature to my routine guidance system, and typically with visions I always allow myself a few days or weeks to digest it. Every vision has multiple layers of life lessons and meanings. To fine tune the breakdown and reflect on the line of communications I have found that my source is always strongest in nature. I've always found my heart in nature. The natural beauty of being able to lose myself and let the energies flow through me, enlightening my physical and mental states at every turn. One of my favourite states of meditation is to just sit and watch all the animals around me, observing the world from their unique connection. For every lesson you need to learn in life you just need to be present in nature. The abundant amount of knowledge and wisdom by just witnessing the natural workings of all the elements and animals. It is also a realisation of how we have created this world, ignoring the blessings that are right in front of our eyes. My first reaction and question is, what else are we programmed to ignore? The way logic formulates the meaning of life is driven by control, any decision that is made by logic it's always done under the umbrella of control.

Even if you find yourself in a place that's restricted from natural elements, there are always blessings if you allow yourself to be present. It doesn't matter if you're in a city park observing birds, or watching someone throw a stick for their dog, their animal friend.

Or even observing the growth of plants, or the sound of water from the sea or river bed. There are always blessings, you just have to allow yourself the honour of searching inwards to know there is freedom to your surroundings.

Our relationship with the planet is life, it's part of our embodiment. A quality that is special and unique to the location, not one place holds the same energy as another. As you we look at our relationship with nature and observe the core principles that are embedded in the circle of life, it can highlight states of disconnection that encourages us to place our personal reality into difficult spaces, spaces that have been designed to ignore your identity and your true purpose of honour and appreciation to the world we live in. What is not taught is sometimes lost, so what if we've been missing a simple aspect of our life since the beginning? And since then it has just evolved into this emotional, angry, aggressive and controlling state of how we understand life. How different would your life be if you didn't inherit ideologies, conditioning, family DNA underlining mental health issues. The point of attachment and the birth of your embodiment is drowning with a world that has no boundaries. An element that is completely opposite to the balancing principles of the universe.

When we look at the deepest forms of healing as we start to understand our conditioning and the behavioural patterns that we have been subject to, we always look to the source. The point of attachment, the true motive or action behind the transfer of energy. Within my last vision I have always been able to understand the points of attachments to my story and the relevant individuals that are close to my journey. However, my expansive consciousness is changing and changing quite dramatically, it is viewing points in the future and the past.

My vision, it was in nature, a group of men that were walking around with spears and a few different types of blades. Making their way trough the forest and open plains, hunting, they came across a pig, chased it, cornered it and while keeping their distance there was an onslaught of spears being thrown at the animals. Some spears hit their target, injuring the animals, enough for someone to stab it twice in the neck. After they killed the animal they took it back to the camp to eat. However, how has this story got anything to do with how we behave today? Why is it relevant to how modern day society acts?

It wasn't just what I saw, it's what I felt, there was anger, a savage attitude that was driven on emotions. An attitude that was desperate and ruthless, from the moment they walked along the plains, to killing the pig, to taking it back and eating it. The atmosphere was covered in jealously and envy. Physical strength dominated the control of how the small communities operated, fear was a common factor to the facial expressions of peoples reactions. They had no identity, no space to be at peace.

The circle of life is only empowering when you are part of it, to create an ego that places your state of control to avoid principles and remove accountability, is a lack of internal understanding of life. To believe you are above the natural workings of the universe. When we walk through nature we are not just being part of it, we have to understand it, live it, and set the foundations of gratitude and appreciation for life itself. Every part of the planet is alive, it communicates through a collective network that flows throughout the universe. How is it that we have managed to ignore this natural direction, are our origins created on fear base profile of reality?

The community in my vision were in survival mode, fearful for their existence, pushed to the limit of just trying to stay alive. They don't recognise the life of the pig, or the transfer of energy and honouring of what qualities the animal has and the value of a life. The last memories of the pig were not from an internal reference but of those that were out of control, a devastating ending that is imbalanced to the core principles of the universe. It saw the mental prison of the people, created by a karmic imprinting that forces a limited reality. Any predator that is part of the circle of life honours the life of which is kills, it knows the values, the principles and the gratitude. The values you hold in your mental space are what spreads through you and influences all the people within your environment.

Over the next few posts I'm going to expand on this story, but for now, think about how you would react in that position? Hungry, tired and emotionally charged. Do you understand the value of what it means to be in a peaceful community and uphold the principles of life or pushed to survival do you lack control to seek control from others?

Until next time.


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