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Are we due a change?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Previously we touched on a vision I had from many years ago. When I was younger I always use to wonder how the actions of people today are connected to those of lifetimes ago. The image I saw was part of a big picture, a story that I am only just beginning to tell. There is knowledge and wisdom in stories and tales that have been passed down, but identifying the truth is where the true trajectory of your reality starts. A realisation of this internal world that has been hidden from you.

Women in power is an intuitive feeling I have had for many years now, but goes against the grain of how society creates narratives or the imagery conclusion of a controlled based ideology. A rebalancing of the planet and the energetic alignments to people's souls and their embodiment. Knowing how I see the balancing principles of nature and how it unifies and harmonises, supported by my intuitive guidance system. A drastic and necessary change to our philosophy is on the cards. An acknowledgement that the universe has already called time and started a karmic period which is accelerating. This post is not a vision, nor a prophecy, but an insight to how nature represents the guiding principles of life itself.

The foundations of our existence is built on a fear based profile that lacks self control and identity. The evolution of our conditioning is always changing depend on the motive behind the control, keeping the communities and society restricted within their mental space so when challenged a mob style reaction is formed to hide the truth of the fear.

We have created mental health issues that isolates growth and understanding of our relationship within the mind and its empowerment within its embodiment. An ideology of mental warfare that forces people to act against their will and become someone who is not natural to their purpose, but only to be manipulated in their conditioned space of fear.

How the workings of society gains control is that 99% of the population must stay weak within their mental space for others to gain maximum control. The foundations of greed has never been driven by divine feminine or divine masculine, the balancing principles of the universe. A system that operates as far away as possible from a peaceful reality. When we look to nature and let its beauty merge into our aura, the energetic alignment of a great source fills our presence with a light, and we are left with a realisation of how everything we know and were taught is wrong.

The feminine, a divine source that balances and harmonises the workings of the planet. A starting point to look over the land we call home and start being honest with how much we actually know about land. Our greed and control, built houses, roads, causing destruction but never peace. It is with the same breath that nature teaches all. Women who move into politics that look to match the old system, blow for blow, but will fail. They will attach their energy to a system that has no light. On the contrary, if they look to the land, look people in their eyes, understand the culture and their values, remove overseas control and manipulation they will do well. Their actions have to be from a place of peace, pure in nature, kindness and love, a platform that isn't stained in blood nor greed, but with the objective that they're willing to listen.

The power of the feminine beauty has the strength to unite their country and bring harmony to a place that has attacked people's mental health status. They will never be able to succeed if they choose to match the old system, a system that has no identity. An identity that knows mental health should never be compromised to benefit the economy. A divine feminine energy knows that not one place is the same and not one person or body can rule over a places that are individual to their area. With every divine feminine, there is always the balancing principles of the universe. They will need the strength of a divine masculine to truely understand the value of their country. A transfer of energy, that you can't have one without the other. This is the circle of life.

Over the next decade, the world is going to be turned upside down. We have bullied, attacked, targeted, removed boundaries and principles, and there has been no honour. All aimed at people's mental health state. The energies of the planet have called time, and it is both the divine feminine and masculine that is needed to help with the balancing of the mind. Countries need to start looking at their people and not the materialistic wealth.


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